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Flagstaff is a full-service integration company specializing in providing a variety of quality free-to-guest entertainment solutions to the hospitality, healthcare, education, and bar/restaurant industries.  Our business philosophy is simple: to align, partner and build strong strategic partnerships with the best, industry leading companies to provide a solid and reliable set of products and scalable services.  Combined with our philosophy is our never-ending drive to provide complete long-term satisfaction for all of our clients. This is our priority, and this is the difference our customers experience. The strong partnerships we have built allow us the ability to serve a larger geographic footprint while at the same time remaining current with the latest support system methodologies. These strategic partnerships include DIRECTV, North American Cable Equipment, Perfect Ten, Advanced Technology Services, LG, Peerless Mounts, and more.  All of the products and services we provide are proven in the market and center around enhancing the TV entertainment experience.

We are proud to be a partner and primary national dealer for DIRECTV Satellite Television, the leader in high definition (HD) programming.  DIRECTV is at the core of our entertainment services and Flagstaff professionally installs and supports a variety of high quality, customized delivery systems to meet the specific needs of each property, including the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) platform for hotels.  DRE is the most innovative and complete guestroom entertainment solution available in the market offering the highest amount of HD channels and features available.

As a certified partner and top distributor of LG Electronics, a long-term industry leader, we provide a variety of proven commercial/hospitality grade TV’s and related equipment. To complement our TV products, our experienced and certified TV installation services ensure that your in-room entertainment will be secured and function correctly for maximum enjoyment and return on investment.  Flagstaff understands the value of quality in-room entertainment, which is why we believe a successful installation is just the beginning.  Complete long-term satisfaction is our priority, and this is the difference our customers experience.

If lack of capital is holding up important entertainment or technology upgrades to your property(s), we have simple proven solutions to help.  Flagstaff has flexible leasing solutions that can roll all the expenses associated with these projects into one simple monthly payment. Again, complete long-term satisfaction is always our priority, and this is the difference our customers experience.

Industry professionals in the hospitality, healthcare, education bar/restaurant markets understand that quality entertainment is critical to the success of their business and the overall experience of their customers.  But, implementing new solutions can be complicated and difficult to execute.  Flagstaff makes the whole process simple, and takes great pride in delivering our dependable industry leading products and services to each property.

  • DIRECTV HD/SD Programming Content
  • LG Commercial and Hospitality TV’s
  • Leasing Solutions
  • DIRECTV Residential Experience Platform Specialists
  • Peerless Mounts
  • Commercial TV Installation Services
  • Commercial DIRECTV Equipment – Technicolor COM1000, COM2000, and more

Access to DIRECTV® HD programming requires a DIRECTV HD Receiver, HD television equipment and an HD Access fee.

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